Samuels attached his 25 July letter to Prime Minister Rutte, "summing up our distress that the Mayor of the Dutch capital has opened his city to public demonstrations by terrorist wannabes – the first occasion on 4 July, perhaps ingenuously? The second, on 24 July, inexcusably". 

The letter continued, "now emboldened, there is little doubt that so-called ISIS will convene for a third time, to the cries of “'Maut al-Yahud'” (Death to the Jews) and “'Khaybar Khaybar”' (the genocidal chant extolling Mohammed's massacre of the Jews in Arabia)". 

"Mr. Mayor, will you stop that third time and those that will follow, before enthusiastic young demonstrators turn words into actions, threats into violence?" challenged Samuels, continuing, "Mr. Mayor, as head of the municipal police, how are you dealing with the Arabic speaking police officer who betrayed his duty to translate the murderous slogans against your Jewish citizens, captured on the film link attached to my letter? How can any of your citizens now trust in the protection of their city’s law enforcement?" 

The Centre argued, "Mr. Mayor, your authorization of these gatherings puts you in violation of the Netherlands anti-terrorism legislation". 

The letter lamented that "the Dutch people today, sadly, face two forms of terrorism. - The first from those who brought down the Malaysian aircraft over Ukraine. - The second from the potential danger at home from ISIS". 

"Mr. Mayor, you can stop the second, if you so wish. If you do not, you will share responsibility for the consequences" concluded Samuels. 

The letter was also sent to the Netherlands Interior Minister and to the members of the Dutch Parliamentary Committee for the Interior. 

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