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Op-ed by Dr. Shimon Samuels published in The Jerusalem Post
4 September 2018

The fate of Labour is, of course, a Jewish concern, but it is not a Jewish issue.

I have just spent time in London to consult with parliamentary leaders from both Houses of Commons and Lords, both Labour and Conservative, in an eerily silent Palace of Westminster, now awakening from its summer adjournment.

This is a reflection of their views:

The focus on the Jewish/Zionist factor in the Labour Party’s ID is still, hopefully, marginal for the traditional Labour voter.

Many others may vote Labour simply due to a fatigue with the blood-letting and chaotic state among the current ruling Conservatives.

It is clear, however, that a Corbyn victory in a future election will be seen as a disaster for British Jews. If he loses, the Jews will also be immediately blamed.

How can this conundrum be resolved?

The Tony Blairite “New Labour” has been replaced by a machine led by “Momentum,” a marriage of convenience between Trotskyite leftists and radical Islam. It is governed by demographics and a well-organized populism.

As elsewhere in Western Europe, a generation of native-born Muslim youths joins anti-capitalist young Britons who are seeking causes, uniting around Jeremy Corbyn, their own avuncular Bernie Sanders.

In masses, they have been recruited as party members, thus neutralizing the role of sitting Labour MPs by shifting their influence to the swelling membership.

This is a new reality, to be invoked whenever another general election is announced, perhaps delayed until after the March 2019 “Brexit” United Kingdom departure from the European Union.

Working through the constituencies with this new membership, “Momentum” will “deselect” from each constituency race, all Labour members dedicated to the old party’s pristine democratic values.

Such Labourites will no longer be able to represent the party or stand for reelection.

After “Brexit”, British Labour-affiliated Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will have to depart Brussels, losing their significant benefits. Those who will most fervently adopt the “Momentum” platform and rhetoric can be compensated by their ‘selection’ to stand in safe Labour constituencies, vacated by those veteran MPs ‘deselected’ for their fidelity to democracy.

Some pundits believe that the forced “resignation” of Jeremy Corbyn will clear the poisonous atmosphere of Labour.

The “Momentum” machine, however, will ensure his replacement by another – perhaps more publicly astute – ideologue. The name of John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (the opposition party’s minister of finance) is circulating – a much shrewder and politically savvy figure.

One countermeasure has been set by the resignation of the eminent Party Whip, Frank Field, in disgust at the antisemitism issue. He has now declared himself an “Independent.”

Should there be a wave of such resignations by those sitting MPs unlikely to be further backed by Labour, a phoenix of the old “New Labour” may emerge from the ashes.

The one caveat would be the funding for their campaign. American-style funding for independent candidates is not part of the British tradition.

Nevertheless, the creation of such a bloc would unmask the reality that today’s “Momentum” creeping coup d’etat is a marker – not just for democracy in the UK – but as a signal around the world.

The fate of Labour is, of course, a Jewish concern, but it is not a Jewish issue. A Sovietized Labour Party, however, with a realistic chance of taking power, must be denounced by the champions of democracy worldwide.