"Antisemitic blood libels in respected newspapers create a new generation, not only of antisemites, but also radicalized domestic Jihadists that threaten the security of your countries. Above all, incitement to hate and violence destroys all hope for a peace settlement in the Middle East"

The Centre called on the UAE and Oman "to take the same measures with their media's antisemitism as they would in combating expressions of Arabophobia and Islamophobia."

Paris, 20 July 2017

In letters respectively to Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah of Oman, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, called for "measures to end the hate-mongering by their most important newspapers".

Samuels pointed to "a Palestinian columnist for the London based Middle East Monitor (MEMO) Dr. Fayez Rasheed, who reportedly has a long record of incitement to violence against 'Zionists' - a euphemism for 'Jews'".

The Centre stressed that his article, " 'Jewish Human Sacrifices', published on 25 April 2017 in the UAE's Al Khaleej (The Gulf), and then again on 9 July in Oman's Al Watan (The Homeland), goes beyond the pale of antisemitic venom".

http://www.alkhaleej.ae/studiesandopinions/page/63f2d746-e1ab-4fb6-922d-bfb78ff0dae4#sthash.1OBIoSef.dpuf- See English Translation

"Hidden and concealed in Jewish history"  (Retitled 'Jewish Human Sacrifices')
by Dr. Fayez Rasheed

In the past, according to Jewish canon distorted, by rabbis of the Middle Ages, the era of witches, according to the book of Bernard Lazar, entitled "AntiSemitism... its history and causes", to conform to their whims and desires and strengthen their power. In order to manufacture the Jewish holidays, it had to be mixed with human blood! Yes, human blood from Christian or Muslim, even to kill him unjustly! Yes, "human sacrifice"!

He used Jews, according to their teachings and according to settings of their crimes in killing children and take their blood and mix blood feast pies that they manufacture. Eid sacrifices "Purim" example were young people selected. The method of killing and aggregating blood as follows: victim blood was taken and dried to form atom mixes of dough pancakes and preserves what is left is for the next holiday. The sacrifices of Passover holiday shall be usually boys who are not older than ten years, and mixed blood of victim dough for unleavened bread before drying or after drying (read book mark Syrian scholar Mustafa Zarqa entitled "Treasure provision in rules of Talmud"), as it is drained the blood from the victim either accidentally (barrel stored), a barrel expands to the size of the victim, set on with sharp needles, instilled in victim's body after slaughter of flowing blood that rejoices Jews is gathered in a bowl, prepared specifically for it, or are slaughtered victims just as slaughtered sheep, and purified blood in a bowl or cut off artery of the victim in multiple positions to keep the blood flowing!

The fate blood is "handed over to the Rabbi, and remains dried and preserved for future festivals", (read books: Mohammad Fawzi Hamza entitled "Jewshuman sacrifices", Oboalfda Mohammed Arif, entitled "EndJews", Abdullah Hussein entitled "Jewish question between Arab nations and foreign"). This course in past time! The Zionist movement has tried to covert the  incident and dozens of similar incidents!

Nothing was written following the incident but its records and proceedings were registered in Sharia court in Aleppo, Hama and Damascus, and took place in 1840 and we have obtained obtained a copy which French orientalist, Charles Laurent, then published in French a book translated into Arabic by Dr. Yousef Nasrallah, and published in Cairo (1898)

Father Thomas lived in Damascus, and he practiced medicine. In one of his campaigns, he vaccinated children against smallpox. On one occasion he went to the "Jewish Quarter" where he disappeared. On instructions of the governor, an investigation began in the Jewish quarter for the Father. But this did not result in anything. In the meantime, police passing through the Jewish Quarter, saw the disappeared Father with a barber Jew named Solomon, who lived near the Jewish temple. He admitted to the police that he, on the order of the rabbi of the Temple  "Moses incense" had murdered Father Thomas, for his blood for the pancakes industry.  The  Rabbi was also arrested with the Jewish leaders.

Less than a year ago, rabbis of the Zionist entity (24 July/August 2016) made a fatwa urging the soldiers to kill Palestinians, saying "Kill them without mercy for the security of Israel". These rabbis formed ten years ago, a movement called «Hnohdran Hhaddaha» (new rabbis complex).

This gang was founded by Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz, the award winning "Israel Order of the President of Israel" and they promised the highest awards of the State entity.

For those with illusion that peace is possible with this fascist entity, we ask: where is attention to the ideological violence applied by the entity daily against our people and our nation? Did they read of the human offerings organized by Jewish rabbis? 

There are articles and research by Arab and foreign writers on the phenomenon of criminal violence and murder by Zionist "Israel" from different angles, most important "Israeli military crimes" authored by William Brad Ford, and "terrorist roots party Herut Israel" by  Bassam AbuGhazaleh. "Zionism and violence .. philosophy and strategy" by Hussein Tantawi. And "culture of violence in sociology of Zionist politics" of Imad Abdul Ghani 2001, and better even, Noam Chomsky's book "Zionism and violence".


Online version: http://alwatan.com/details/203797Newspaper version (Issue#12379 page 9 - July 9, 2017)

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The letter noted that the Wiesenthal Centre annually monitors six Arab book fairs and their stands at the Frankfurt Fair.

Samuels argued that "while the UAE and Oman displays in Frankfurt have been devoid of hate literature,ironically their own Fairs in Abu Dhabi and Muscat overflow with Judeophobia.

The Centre informed the Ministers that, "only last week, it launched its Arabic edition of the UNESCO-sponsored 'Antisemitism - The Generic Hatred : Essays in Memory of Simon Wiesenthal'...the book's objective is for Arab readers to draw from the lessons of containing antisemitism, ideas to assist them in combating Arabophobia".

"We hoped that our book would strengthen the ties between Arabs and Jews in confronting their mutual foes and enhance the relations between their diasporas...

Indeed, it is a tragedy that -  while the operational policy of the UAE and Oman is now willynilly tied to the fate of Israel and the West -  their declaratory policy suicidally harks back to the worst possible stereotypes of the Jews…

This gap must be closed because antisemitic blood libels in ostensibly respected newspapers create a new generation, not only of antisemites, but also radicalize domestic Jihadists who threaten the security of your countries…

Above all, incitement to hate and violence destroys all hope for a peace settlement in the Middle East", concluded Samuels.

The Centre called on the UAE and Oman "to take the same measures with their media's antisemitism as they would in combating expressions of Arabophobia and Islamophobia."