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Blog by Shimon Samuels posted in The Times of Israel
27 July 2017

The cancer of antisemitism’s metastasis in the UK and continental Europe can only be treated by the expulsion of pro-Jihadists, antisemites and other bigots from mainstream political parties.

A 1950’s Times of London headline characterized the British post-war sense of security: “Fog over the Channel, Continent isolated…”

Despite the oncoming ‘Brexit’, the UK is an integral part of the European menacing resurgent and violent antisemitism.

Three recent grave Islamist atrocities – Manchester and two in London – have done nothing to highlight the Jihadist threat or to attenuate Jew-hatred.

On the contrary, voices have been heard expressing indignation at indiscriminate terrorism: “… Why are we the victims when Islamist terrorism has mainly targeted Jewish schools and synagogues… due to their support for Israel.”

A mainstream political party that leads the British Parliamentary opposition – once home to many Jewish leaders and the recipient of Jewish largesse – is now almost “Judenrein” (the Nazi antisemitic hashtag for “Jew-cleansed”).

Today’s Labour is still a conceivable electoral victor despite such leaders as Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone’s sympathies for terrorist Hizbollah and Hamas.

The British Jewish Community Security Trust (CST) has just published a report on the frightening up – tick in antisemitic incidents. The Wiesenthal Centre views this threat as the metastasis of a cross-Channel cancer.

It can only be contained by targeting the cells of this disease.

– Jihadism can no longer be excused on grounds of social disaffection of native-born radicalised youth

– A moderate left must take measures to expel from the Labour Party, not Jews, but the growing number of antisemites and the rot of pro-Jihadists in its midst.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is working on the European level to stem the disease.

In 1945 to 1948, in the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust, many British Jews were inhibited by the ruling British Labour Party’s pro-Arab policy in Mandatory Palestine.

Today, we can afford no inhibitions. Jews, whether in Britain, on the European continent, the Americas or the Jewish State must unite against an increasingly murderous scourge.