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by Dr Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations

Paris, 15 November 2023

In March 1979, I was invited to Cairo in my capacity as Deputy Director of the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The occasion was to celebrate the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Our group was graciously received by Hamdy al-Gamal, Chief Editor of the State owned newspaper, Al Ahram. Al-Gamal fully supported the peace process.

Answering my question regarding those opposing the process, his response was chilling: “The train has left the station. We must see that there is not another train, pummelling towards us on the same tracks.”

Sadly, both he and President Sadat died within a short period.

The current Chairman of Al Ahram, Abdel-Mohsen Salama, has written an op-ed on the pretext of denouncing the statement by Israeli MP Amichai Eliyahu, a Minister of the current Netanyahu cabinet, in regard to dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza.

Letting aside the Minister’s absurd statement, for which he was promptly suspended, in his op-ed Salama uses the occasion to burst into an unbridled rant, referring to Israel as “cancerous entity”, an antisemitic term used by the leader of Iran amongst others.

Salama called all members of the Israeli government “Neo-Nazi’s who enjoy sucking the blood of Palestinians,” describing what is happening in Gaza as “Nazism” and “acts of terror and madness which are unprecedented in human history.”

It appears that it is not just the current Israeli government which Salama hates, but the entire State of Israel, with its citizens.

In fact, he concludes the op-ed stating “the ugly face of the Israeli enemy is not new, it has been present for 75 years, that is, since the emergence of that bloodthirsty accursed cancerous entity.”

Indeed, Al Ahram has sadly called on the train hurtling towards us and the abyss.

See translation from Arabic:

15/11/2023, 01:03 Waiting for the nuclear bomb! - Al-Ahram Daily
“Dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip is one of the options offered,” is the text of the expression of the terrorist Amichai Eliyahu, the Minister of Heritage in the Israeli Nazi government. The terrorist minister indicated that he does not recognize civilians in Gaza, saying, “There is no such thing as uninvolved civilians in Gaza,” meaning that he wants to wipe out Gaza and everyone in it, and the solution, from his point of view, is to drop a nuclear bomb on the Palestinians in Gaza. It is clear that US President Joe Biden entered a deep sleep, waiting for the nuclear bomb to be dropped on the Palestinians until he is woken up and told about this madness so that he pays attention to what is happening in Gaza in terms of Nazism, terrorism, madness, and unprecedented acts in human history. The statements of the terrorist minister clearly express the intention of the Israeli enemy, and all the ministers of the Israeli government without exception, starting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, and passing through the ministers of extremism and terrorism, and ending with Gantz, who was opposed to the government and joined it after October 7, are all neo-Nazis who enjoy sucking blood. The Palestinians are under American sponsorship, and support for the American president, who was attacking us with human rights and freedoms, but it turned out to be empty talk, and that he is the first instigator of killing civilians and innocents, and that he is the main partner with money, weapons, and facilitating the criminal’s impunity. What was shocking was Benny Gantz’s reaction to those crazy statements, when he commented on them, saying, “They increased the pain of the families of the prisoners.” That is, Gantz is not concerned with killing Palestinians or using nuclear weapons, and all his fear is focused only on the detained prisoners, after the Minister of Heritage wasted The terrorist told them, “In war, you pay the price,” meaning that the prisoners could be part of the cost of committing the crime. The ugly face of the Israeli enemy is not new. It has been present for 75 years, that is, since the emergence of that accursed cancerous entity that is not satisfied with blood, is growing more aggressive day by day, and does not know the language of peace and justice, amid disgusting Western protection, trampling underfoot all conventions, ethics and international norms.


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