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The letter continued, "Yet the same Palestinian agitator, Jibril
Rajoub - who, reportedly, praises terrorists who murder Jews as
'martyrs' - is again this year attempting to manipulate the FIFA
agenda", stressing that "this time, he demands the elimination of six
Israeli football clubs over the 1948 cease-fire lines between Israel
and Jordan, now better known as the 1967 green line".

Samuels charged that, "such a demand sets a dangerous precedent. For
example, Spain could demand that the UK eliminate the Gibraltar club,
or for Turkey to close all clubs in Northern Cyprus, or Pakistani and
Indian similar claims against each other in Kashmir, introducing
conflicts worldwide and thereby destroying FIFA while further sullying
'the beautiful game' ".

The Centre urged that, "had Rajoub proposed that the Israeli teams in
question play matches with their Palestinian neighbours, such football
pitch encounters may have helped reignite mutual hope in a floundering
peace process.

"Mr. President, we urge you to reject this Palestinian mischief that
has hijacked several international organisations. FIFA's mission is, however,

to promote global soccer as a meeting-point for peace.