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Wiesenthal Centre: When Will the World Condemn Abbas’ Toxic Rhetoric that Set Stage for Terror Attacks and His Refusal To Condemn Stabbings and Shootings of Families on Sukkot Holiday?

Jerusalem, 4 October 2015

Senior officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO, currently in Jerusalem are condemning Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for his continued silence in wake of the stabbings and shootings during the Sukkot Festival that have left four Israelis dead and others, including a two-year old toddler injured.

“When will the International Community begin to hold Mr. Abbas accountable for his racist incitement which sanctions  murderous attacks taken in the name of the Palestinian cause?”, asked Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, founder and dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre who are currently in Israel. “Known as the Festival of Happiness, the Palestinians have used a phony crisis of their own making surrounding Al Aqsa to turn the House of Israel into a house of mourning as they incited a murderous terror spree that has seen a 9 year-old boy to bury his parents and a new wave of Jewish orphans. And we are once again witness to the despicable spectacles of jubilant celebrations among the Palestinians”, Cooper and Hier added.

“On behalf of our 400,000 constituent families, the Wiesenthal Centre expresses its condolences to and solidarity with the families of the victims and fully support all efforts of Israel to stop the terror and to secure the safety of Israeli citizens, Jewish, Christian and Moslem. We reiterate our call to political and religious leaders to condemn these barbaric acts and for the international media to put a human face on the victims of Palestinian terrorism”, Wiesenthal Centre officials concluded.